This year was marked by a number of changes in our organisation’s structure. The biggest change was the merger of the 2 technical teams that used to work independently from each other: Development and Operations.
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More than 65% of the people who already have a domain name, are familiar with one new domain name extension or gTLD as we call it in the trade jargon. For internet users who do not have a domain name, that figure is nearly 20% less.
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In our previous article, we explained the origins and reasons for the existence of the Domain Name System (DNS). Now we focus on how the system itself works: how is the DNS structured?
DNS Belgium
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The DNS Belgium support team noticed that several questions kept recurring. In order to help you, we decided to establish a top 5 of the most common questions.
DNS Belgium
  • 24 NovThis is the question about domain names we receive most frequently: how and where can I ask for my transfer code? ow.ly/V1eVo
  • 23 NovDNS Belgium is facing major challenges, we're rebuilding the registration platform. You want to join us? ow.ly/UXvD5
  • 23 NovAccording to @CENTR, European ccTLDs have a combined growth of around 2,4% over the past 12 months. https://t.co/ipdAdwTgyW

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