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It is not always easy to understand how the Domain Name System (DNS) works. So we decided to publish a series of articles on that topic. Each article will shed light on a different aspect: we will focus on a few historical facts and the evolution of the DNS.
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01.09.2015 shows us why a starting company would do well to choose a new extension for its domain name. In this last domain name of the week, we turn the floor over to manager Mounir Laarsissi.
25.08.2015 is on the spotlight this time around as the domain name of the week. We try to stress the importance of a well chosen extension every week on the basis of a good example. 

If the extension chosen for a domain name makes the whole more powerful and more concrete, then it deserves a place in our “domain name of the week” campaign.
We would like to show examples of names where the extension gives an extra dimension to the domain name. And the managers of a new restaurant in Brussels are simply delighted about it.
As the eighth domain name of the week, we have opted for Over 12 weeks we are looking for persons who have chosen a specific extension to give a little extra to their website or domain name.
Congratulations to which we selected as the seventh domain name of the week.