About domain names and fidgeting hypes


We need say nothing to those who have young children: the spinner was the hype this past spring, but it seems rather unlikely that the gadget will survive the summer. The success of the fidget spinner seems to be on the wane on the internet as it is on the playground.

Spinner did not make the top ten most chosen domain names in 2016 (Pokemon was number 5 at that time). The fidget spinner, as we now know it, was invented only at the end of 2016.  It was first a relatively expensive gadget for adults who needed something that they could fidget with and that could help them concentrate better or stop smoking. And some studies even claim that the spinner has a positive effect on people with ADHD, ADD, OCD… The spinner made it to the top ten in April 2017, and even rose to number 2 in May.

There are 116 .be domain names with spinner registered with us. Not all of them have anything to do with the gadget, as can be seen for instance from blaffersenspinners.be, a website devoted to care products for .... cats and dogs, in fact. Nevertheless, 64 of those 116 domain names were registered in May of this year. Those whose ‘spinner domain name’ was poached, found a valid alternative in fidget. There are also 62 .be domain names, in which the word fidget occurs, each time in combination with the word spinner.

Gadget in decline

On the basis of searches, news articles and interest in YouTube clips, Google Trends confirms that the spinner reached its absolute high point last May and is now in decline. The domain names are following a similar trend. Just 3 .be domain names containing spinner were registered in June. This devaluation can be seen in the domain names themselves, because in addition to the expensive goldspinner.be, the domain names goedkopespinners.be and gratisspinner.be were now registered as well.

This is a pity for the ‘fidgeteer’ who posted the following on his website fidgeteer.com:  “My entire life, I have been unable to sit still for more than about 3 nanoseconds. When I began seeing ‘fidgeting’ toys I knew they were for me.” He will now have to wait for the next hyped fidgeting gadget.  Similarly, the person behind fidgetspinnerexpert.be is in all likelihood focusing on the next step of his career.

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