Crystal Clear #5: What are the FCCU and the RCCU and what is their task?


In addition to the CERT, there are certain other governmental services in our country that protect citizens against e-crime, such as the FCCU and the RCCU.  What is their role in our society?

The Federal Cyber Crime Unit (FCCU) and the Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU)  are part of the Federal Criminal Investigation Department and have a hands-on role, namely fighting crime. This can be crime that is perpetrated via the Internet, as well as “conventional” crime, where the experts of the crime units help to solve crimes by means of specialised detective work in the ICT environment… a little like CSI, in fact…

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the Federal Computer Crime Unit. Part of the federal police department which deals with cybercrimes.


The regional computer crime unit performs forensic ICT research of PC equipment, other data carriers and small networks. The RCCUs investigate the traces of cybercrime and identify the perpetrators.