DNS Belgium becomes more sustainable thanks to green electricity


Pursuant to our sustainability policy, we went in search of a green electricity supplier.

In making our selection, we first sought independent and objective advice. We came across Eneco through a ranking of electricity suppliers drawn up by Greenpeace. The choice of investing only in renewable energy had earned Eneco a score of 18/20 in the Greenpeace ranking. Taken together with an attractive offer, this score was of decisive importance in making our choice.

We switched over on 1 November, and will henceforth cut our emissions by no less than 39 tonnes CO2 on an annual basis.   

DNS Belgium climate neutral by 2020

DNS Belgium believes very strongly that the digital society will be a more sustainable society,” says Philip Du Bois, General Manager. “We are starting from scratch, i.e. by supplying our own office with 100% green electricity. DNS Belgium wants to be climate neutral by 2020.  Accordingly, we had our CO2 footprint calculated recently and are working on an ambitious plan to reduce our emissions.”

“This is part of a broad and ambitious programme to encourage other ICT companies in Belgium to do more on the sustainability and entrepreneurship front,” continues Philip Du Bois. “In this way, we want to do our bit for a more sustainable society and a better climate.”

“We are immensely honoured to have DNS Belgium as a customer,” says  Christophe Degrez, CEO of Eneco Belgium.  “In this digital world we, together with our customers, must dare opt resolutely for ambitious projects. Greening the Internet with solar and wind energy is a step towards the transformation to a completely sustainable world.”

Sustainability strategy of DNS Belgium

DNS Belgium is an organisation with strong social involvement. Since 2008, we have been helping close the ICT gap with the 3rd and 4th world through financial and logistical support measures. In addition, in recent years we have taken various initiatives concerning sustainability and social responsibility.

The sustainability strategy of DNS Belgium is based on four pillars:  Inspiring workplace, Leader in security, Digital awareness and Sustainable chain management. Striving to limit our CO2 emissions as much as possible falls under the fourth pillar. The switchover to green electricity contributes towards obtaining Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen (VCDO) [Sustainable Development Charter of the Flemish Business Network] which is in turn in line with the UN sustainable development goals.



Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. 
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