DNS Belgium devises a strong name for your idea!


Do you want to launch your own business but keep mulling about a good name? At the Entreprendre / Ondernemen 2017 fair, we will devise an original name for your idea free of charge.

Head for Brussels to the Entreprendre / Ondernemen 2017 fair on Monday 27 or Tuesday 28 March.  A number of creative minds at the DNS Belgium booth will devise a catchy name for your business. Make sure you get there early, because the number of sessions is limited.

Reserve your free session

To book your place during the sessions, complete your details on our landing page (NL / FR). We will draw 6 winners from all the entries, who can in any event pick up their name at our booth. Tell us all about your idea here (NL / FR). Our creatives will use this input to think up a nice name for you.

View the Dutch/French video

Claimjeidee.be / monidéeàmoi.be

Claimjeidee.be / monidéeàmoi.be is a platform intended to encourage Belgians to give their plans and projects concrete shape by giving them a name and registering a domain name. You can draw inspiration from there on how you can turn your idea into a good business name or an entrepreneurial process. You can also check rapidly whether your domain name is still free and then go through the registration process in a couple of easy steps.

Entreprendre / Ondernemen 2017

Entreprendre / Ondernemen 2017 is the biggest national fair for new entrepreneurs.  For more information, go to entreprendreondernemen.be.

Have you already thought up a nice name for your business?



Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. 
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