DNS Belgium wins Content Cuckoo Silver Award – Best content platform


At the second edition of the Content Cuckoo Awards our platform for pre-start-ups, www.claimjeidee.be / www.monidéeàoi.be, won silver for best content platform. The Cuckoo Awards are organised by Custo, the Belgian trade association of custom content and content marketing agencies.

Our mission is to make the internet accessible and encourage the use of websites. And where better to do this than fledgling entrepreneurs who have an idea to conquer the world? But how do you give this idea a concrete form? Well, by giving it a name.

Several programmes already exist to help start-ups which is why we chose to focus on a relevant niche market, i.e. pré-start-ups. We stimulate people who have an idea to immediately give it a name and to register the domain name. Add to this the inspiring approach (how do I come up with a good name for my business?), the quality content (video, reports, tips & tricks, etc.) and the smart dissemination, and you understand immediately how we were able to interest the many visitors of www.claimjeidee.be / www.monidéeàoi.be. In the first months, 815 pre-start-ups already checked whether their domain name was still free.

The Jury, under the expert leadership of Jasper van Zandbeek (Chief engagement Officer of Zandbeek Communications), gave our platform the Content Cuckoo Silver Award for best content platform. The claimjeidee.be/monidéeàoi.be Campaign was also made possible thanks to the help of our marketing bureau The Fat Lady.

DNS Belgium