How a domain name can boost your business


Registering a domain name is the first step you take when you start your own business, for nowadays, you build up a business to a large extent online. Your website, and therefore your domain name, becomes your online business card and is decisive for the first impression (potential) customers will get of your business.  

Entrepreneurs are well aware of the fact that a domain name gives their business a boost. This has been shown in a market survey conducted by Insites Consulting on behalf of DNS Belgium. The study focused on their familiarity with and knowledge and use of domain names and domain name extensions. We also asked very specifically entrepreneurial Belgians who have not yet registered a domain name.

A professional website

A well designed website on a dedicated domain name not only looks more professional than a free website, but the study shows that it comes across as far more credible. Because admit it, if you are looking for a carpenter, and you had to choose between or, you would obviously opt for the latter, wouldn’t  you?  A dedicated website and domain name also inspire more confidence among your potential customers than a Facebook page for your business.

The entrepreneurial Belgians seem to be well aware of this:  67% of them would register a domain name for professional reasons in the future, and consider a domain name as an essential component of their own business.  For them, a domain name is a means for publicizing their activities to the world and establishing and maintaining contacts with current and prospective customers and stakeholders. The study shows that the findability via Google is an important reason enterprising Belgians cite for registering a domain name and creating a website. 

A professional e-mail address

Which of the two makes the most professional impression: or The answer is self-evident . Whoever registers a domain name, is automatically issued personalized e-mail addresses.  A “branded” e-mail address is professional and exudes confidence.

Entrepreneurial Belgians seem to be well aware of that too.  44% of them would use a domain name for both the website and the e-mail address; 15% of the entrepreneurs would even register a domain name for the personalized e-mail addresses only.

.be is preferred

Entrepreneurial Belgians thus know very well how a domain can help their business grow. No fewer than 75% of them would for that matter opt for a .be domain name. They do so first and foremost because it says something about the location of their company, but also because it is a popular and indeed the most reliable extension in Belgium.  Entrepreneurs who opt for .com do so primarily because that extension is enormously popular and because it says something about the international target market they wish to reach.

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Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa. 
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