Protecting intellectual property: do not forget your domain name


Intellectual property is the collective term for rights (of which copyright and patent rights are the best known) to intellectual creations such as books, music, trademarks, design, inventions, software, texts and photos.  But you also want to protect your domain name, of course.

A European survey shows that when companies take measures to protect their intellectual property, they think of their domain name first.  No fewer than 47% of the surveyed companies protect their domain name, while scarcely 37% have trademark protection.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the survey shows that such companies consider it important to protect their domain name properly.  Unfortunately, Belgium does not perform so well on that front. Belgian companies do not prize a domain name as highly when compared with companies in other European countries. Only 44% of the companies think it is important.  Only France, Hungary, Italy and Sweden score lower.

Registering your domain name provides efficient protection

It is nonetheless easy to protect your domain name efficiently.  In fact, your domain name is protected as soon as you register it with a registrar. Upon registration, your domain name is entered immediately in the WHOIS database. Everyone can then consult your data, since everyone has the right to know who is the registrant of a domain name and/or website. This does not apply for private persons.  You can request such data only by means of a special form.

To further protect your .be domain name, we created Domain Guard, a service that makes it impossible to change the details of your domain name without your approval.


You can request a certificate for your domain name which shows that you are the registrant. Furthermore, you can have every idea or creation (including a domain name) date stamped by the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.  That i-DEPOT is a legal means of evidence you can use to show the precise moment from which your creation exists. Although the i-DEPOT does not confer any (intellectual) property right, it can prove important if a conflict arises.

Consult the full European survey.



Look-up which gives information about the registrant of the domain name, his registrar, the name server and also some information about the domain status. 


Domain owner, person who holds a domain name.
DNS Belgium