Registrars very satisfied with DNS Belgium once again


At the beginning of this year, we sent out a satisfaction survey to our 405 registrars to gauge their opinion about our service. We obtained an average score of 8.35 out of 10  – something we can be rightfully proud of!

The figures

We gauged the satisfaction of registrars about:
  • The registration platform
  • The contacts that those registrars have with our colleagues
  • Our communication   
  • Our administrative procedures
On all these points, we obtained an average score of over 8 / 10.   
Our score on general satisfaction was 8.35 – exactly the same as last year. This result confirms that we are on the right track … and stimulates us to do even better.


In addition to a score, the registrars could also give comments, which proved a very valuable source of information.  We are currently looking into how we can implement certain ideas. A number of registrars indicated that they would like to be contacted by us for additional feedback.  This has happened since.
DNS Belgium