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Security: do not share your Administrator user account

25 March 2019

More security? Multiple users accounts

We have noticed that some registrars are only using the Administrator user account. We remind you that, for security reasons, it is better to create multiple user accounts instead of sharing one account. 

The Administrator account is the account a registrar receives from us (registrarid = userid). This account is first and foremost intended to create users, even though this account has all viewing and editing rights.

To make sure each employee has the correct permissions, individual user accounts can be created. For each employee with a personal user account, you can finetune the exact viewing and editing rights. The Administrator user is the only one who can create these user accounts.

To increase security, you can define for each individual user:

  • which information this user can see
  • which transactions this user can execute

Viewing or editing rights? 

A person with viewing rights can look up information and answer support questions but cannot make any changes. A person with editing rights (create, update, delete) can make actual changes to the information in the system. To learn more about the exact permissions, take a look at our registration guidelines

How to create a new user

  1. Go to  registry .be
  2. Click on ‘Registrar’ in the left menu.
  3. Click on ‘Users’. 
  4. Click ‘New’. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
List of all the possible permissions a user can have: eg. view financial data, update registrar profile, create contact, update contact, delete contact, create domain, update domain, delete domain, reactivate domain, transfer domain etc.

Some examples

Here are two examples of how you could set up your user management. Of course, this all depends on the size of and structure of your organisation. 

For large registrars: 

  • 1 admin user who only handles the user management 
  • 1 super user who has all permissions except user management
  • view rights for every employee in your Support team
  • view rights for financial data and invoicing information only for every employee in your Accounting department

For smaller registrars: 

  • 1 admin user who only handles the user management 
  • 1 super user who has all permissions except user management
  • 1 user with view rights only 

Questions? Take a look at our registration guidelines or contact

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