Complaints on a domain name?

When you register a domain name, you as a registrant are required pursuant to the general terms and conditions, to enter correct personal details. You must also have a valid e-mail address where we can contact you. 

If your personal details or e-mail address are not correct, any interested party is entitled to lodge a complaint with DNS Belgium. This can be done on the result page of your search or via the contact form

DNS Belgium screens all data daily 

DNS Belgium conducts a daily manual screening of all newly registered domain names. This screening is carried out first and foremost to identify any obvious cases of phishing rapidly. 

This means that we check to see whether the registrants have entered any meaningless symbols (e.g. zero or firstname lastname,...) or manifestly false data (e.g. Mickey Mouse,...) when registering a domain name. 

If there are obvious inaccuracies in these details, we initiate the revoke procedure. 

Procedure to revoke a domain name

If we receive a complaint or discover ourselves that a registrant has entered incorrect or false details, we send a relevant notice to the registrant by e-mail.  

We also inform the registrar who manages the domain name. Where necessary, we ask the registrar to contact its customer if the latter’s e-mail address is not working, for instance. 

We check the registration details again after 14 days. If no change has been made, we revoke the domain name. If the registrant has corrected the details and everything is as it should be, we close the case. 

Procedure accelerated Revoke (Revoke+)

If a trustworthy body that deals with prevention of online fraud informs us that a phishing site is linked to the domain name with incorrect registration details, or if we discover this ourselves, the normal revoke procedure will not suffice.  

The registrant has 14 days in fact to correct his/her/its details. It therefore takes 14 days before we can cancel the domain name if the details are not corrected. A phishing website can cause a lot of damage in 14 days. In such a case, we make sure that the website linked to the domain name is no longer accessible. This is clearly stated in the e-mail sent to the registrar and the registrant of course. We also make sure to mention in the search results that this domain name has been temporarily removed by DNS Belgium on the basis of the alleged fraudulent activities. 

We check the registration details again after 14 days. If nothing has been changed, we revoke the domain name. If the registrant responds within this 14-day period, we will take the necessary measures immediately.