VOKA sustainable business charter

Sustainable Business Action plan

A sustainable organisation, DNS Belgium has a Sustainable Business Action plan. The different actions we take in this context are broken down into five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Peace, People, Prosperity, Planet and Partnership.

DNS Belgium will have a CO2 zero measurement drawn up to map its carbon footprint and adopt reducing and compensatory measures based on this. For years we have also given financial and organisational support to Bike to Close the Gap, an event that raises funds to provide access to ICT to disadvantaged children and young adults in Europe and in developing countries.

To improve working conditions and encourage a sustainable consumption, we will lease plants for our office in the short term, use water responsibly and when we bought new backpacks for the personnel, sustainability was a decisive criterion. In the choice of a new energy supplier, sustainability, transparency and CO2 emissions were also a guideline.

We also take many actions to support the circular economy, education, healthcare and local entrepreneurship in the third world:

  • With the idea-o-logists (NL / FR) at the entreprendre.be/ondernemen.be fair in Tour & Taxis in March 2017 we supported entrepreneurship and e-commerce.
  • We participated in sports events to support a charity.
  • We organised a sustainable personnel event and a zero carbon footprint event.
  • We migrated the registration platform for .be domain names to the AWS Cloud to continue working in a technologically innovative and sustainable way.
  • With a jury member at the ISPA-thesis award and guest speakers for law and commercial engineer students at the KU Leuven we contribute to quality education.
  • As a strategic partner of Close The Gap we took part in a mission in Kenya.
  • To guarantee a secure internet and combat internet fraud, we manually screen owner data of registered .be-, .vlaanderen- and .brussels domain names all the time.

Voka Sustainable Business Charter

All these actions are part of DNS Belgium’s wider sustainability approach. In 2016, we launched a strategic corporate social responsibility exercise, the theoretical framework of which was developed and the different projects defined in 2017.

We focused on four strategic pillars: inspiring workplace, leader in security, digital awareness and sustainable chain. This last pillar included achieving the Voka Sustainable Business Charter which, in turn, fits in with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Any company from any sector and regardless of its size can – like DNS Belgium – work on a sustainable business through an action plan in a targeted way. At the end of the year the participating organisation will submit its achievements to a team of independent experts and after three consecutive positive evaluations will be awarded the Voka Sustainable Business Charter.


Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa.