For DNS Belgium, sustainability is far more than merely a matter of climate action. It is our fundamental value that gives direction to our organization. In 2016, we charted our sustainability policy on the basis of the ISO 26000 standard.
DNS Belgium has terminated the contract with Webcreating because it repeatedly failed to respect its contractual obligations.

If you registered a domain with Webcreating, we advise you to move it

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Together with our German, Dutch, Austrian and Swiss colleagues, DNS Belgium developed the CENTR Member Security Maturity Model (CM-SMM). This is a hybrid model allowing CENTR members to benchmark the maturity level of their information security through self-assessment.
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Internet business
75 percent of entrepreneurial Belgians opt for .be over any other domain name extension. Trust and confidence in .be are particularly high among all Belgians, who associate this extension particularly with quality and reliability.
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