Now that ICANN adapted the Key Signing Keys (KSK) of the DNS root zone successfully on 11 October, we are embarking on the adaptation of the KSK for the .be zone on 15 November. 


Not only your outfit, interior and musical preferences, but also domain names are sensitive to trends. Discover here which (parts of) words were used the most in .be domain names in October. 

An e-mail address is always linked to your domain name.  This does not mean that you can use mydomainname.be to generate e-mail addresses such as luc@mydomainname.be or info@mydomainname.be, which of course you can.
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Increasingly, cyber-attacks are not just carried out by individual hackers, but by states. There is a big risk that important infrastructures, and therefore also civilians, will be victims. This is why there have been calls for a Digital Geneva Convention.

DNS Belgium
  • 13 Nov.be KSK rollover starts on 15 November ow.ly/YIRF30mB7gS https://t.co/gVlCM6vBIE
  • 13 NovTomorrow, 14 November, we will stop supporting EPP connections using TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on our try-out system. Only wh… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
  • 09 NovFriFact: discover the words which were most used in .be domain names in October. ow.ly/ZBlG30myuEn https://t.co/OQobj1K0YH

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