What are Digital Dives?

When you go online, you’re immediately swept-away by a constant stream of messages. Tucked away in that overload of information, there’s also quite a lot of disinformation and fake news. With Digital Dives we want to make a difference by bringing qualitative and authentic points of view. We dive into a specific internet- or digital phenomenon and collect different ideas and expert opinions on this particular subject. Our hope is that it will help you find your way in the digital world.  

Cyberwar is our first digital dive. Very current, considering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But at the same time, cyberwar is nothing new: the first official cyberwar took place in 2007. There are cyber-attacks happening nearly daily, yet we still know so very little about them. How close to home do these attacks hit for a regular internet user? What are the problems that you could encounter because of them, and are there any ways to arm yourself against these attacks? That list of questions was more than enough for us to decide to dig a little deeper on the subject of cyberwar. Will you dive into this topic with us?