Fraudulent websites to be taken offline within 24 hours as of 1st December


DNS Belgium is waging the fight against fraudulent websites in unison with the FPS Economy. This cooperation is constantly increasing the possibilities of suspending such sites within one day.  By acting boldly, DNS Belgium and the FPS Economy ensure that consumers can trust .be websites.

The new protocol authorises DNS Belgium to delete .be domain names because of their fraudulent nature, at the request of the FPS Economy. The protocol will be used as of 1st December 2018 to block in particular .be domain names which:

  • - are used for fraudulent webshops  
  • - host phishing websites (i.e. websites which imitate other websites in order to obtain credit card details, for instance).  

The new procedure will be applied only in the event of serious crimes. The registrant has two weeks to react. After six months, the blocked domain name expires.

Philip Du Bois, general manager of DNS Belgium: “This protocol will enable us to take even more targeted action, together with the FPS Economy, against possible abuses where .be domain names are involved. It underscores our ambition for a high quality and safe .be zone which serves as suitable breeding ground for the further development of the internet.”

Simplified procedure

Up to now, the FPS Economy could not ask DNS Belgium to block websites on the basis of the content. A fraudulent website with correct identification data (or identification data that could not be proven to be false) remained unaffected. An application had to be filed with the crown prosecution service first in order to deal with such websites.  There are several hundreds of such websites per year. The old procedure is cumbersome and takes at least two weeks, a period during which fraudulent websites can swindle quite a number of consumers.


Tricksters lure you to a fake website that is a copy of a real one. They then get you to log in with your user name, password and credit card number. Once you’ve done that, the fraudster has your details.


Domain owner, person who holds a domain name.


Domain Name System or Domain Name Server. The global DNS is the system and protocol used on the internet to translate domain names into IP addresses and vice versa.