Criminals are misusing the web more and more by hacking domain names or websites.   

We check daily lists with domain names that are hacked or misused. We look for .be, .vlaanderen or. brussels domain names in these lists. When we find a domain name that occurs in one of the lists, we send a warning to the registrant that his website is misused or has been hacked. The e-mail contains a link to, where the owner can see which domain name is involved.  

What should you do when you get an e-mail from  

The e-mail from contains a link to the website (, where you can check which of your domain names is infected.

The following measures should be taken if your website is hacked:  

  1. Contact the administrator of your website. He is in the best position to help detect and remove the infected files. It is important that all infected files are removed. We always advise replacing the website with a recent back-up.  
  2. Change all passwords of your hosting account so that criminals can no longer gain access with the old data.  
  3. Carry out or have a security scan carried out. If you cannot determine how the hacker gained access to your website, there is a chance that he will do it again, even if you use a back-up version to restore your website.

How to protect your domain name