Domain Shield

If you have a very valuable domain name that could cause a lot of damage if it suddenly referred to another server , you might want to consider Domain Shield to protect this domain name.

Domain Shield ensures hackers are unable to fraudulently carry out the following actions:

  • update the data of your domain name.
  • move your domain name to another registrar.
  • change your domain name holder data.
  • delete your domain name.
  • change the holder data.

How does it work?

  • Your registrar (party where you registered your domain name) signs a separate contract with DNS Belgium for this. Check whether your registrar offers this service.
  • One or several users at your registrar are given authorisation to enable or disable Domain Shield for your domain name.
  • If you do want to change data of your domain name or transfer your domain name, please contact your registrar.
  • Your registrar (temporarily) disables Domain Shield.
  • Your registrar makes the change through another user.
  • Domain Shield is enabled again.

If you find this protection insufficient and you want to be called with every update attempt of your domain name, Domain Guard offers you this total control!