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A reorganisation, a company that changes name… could be a reason not to keep an old domain name any longer.
Internet business
The new geographic domain extensions provide an answer to the wish of companies and organisations to underscore their local foothold in their city or region.
After several months of preparation, last Saturday was the big day: we moved the registration platform, on which our registrars register new .be domain names, to the cloud. A big step forward when it comes to security and efficiency.
We're proud to announce that the registration platform of .be domain names was successfully moved to the cloud.

.be domain names can again be checked, registrered, transferred, etc. We thank you for your patience.

DNS Belgium
On Saturday 11 February, we will be moving our registration system, in which registrars register new .be domain names, to the cloud.
In addition to the CERT, there are certain other governmental services in our country that protect citizens against e-crime, such as the FCCU and the RCCU.  What is their role in our society?

The Federal Cyber Crime Unit (

Those who visit our offices after the renovations think for a moment that they have gone through the wrong door. The contrast between ‘before’ and ‘after’  could scarcely be greater. The brown furniture and dark colours in the interior are gone.
DNS Belgium