Domain Guard

Some domain names are so important or valuable you want complete control. If you want to be absolutely sure no changes are made without your explicit consent, Domain Guard offers a solution.

Domain Guard ensures your registrar is unable to change the data connected to your domain name. He is also unable to remove or transfer your domain name.

You decide who is allowed to give permission to make a change. We call this person with every change request.

100% secure

People with malicious intentions sometimes deliberately try to hijack or transfer domain names. Or they change the registration data by hacking the registrar's system for example. Domain Guard ensures hackers are unable to fraudulently carry out the following actions:

  • update the data of your domain name (e.g.nameservers, DNSSEC -data, etc.)
  • change your domain name holder data
  • move your domain name
  • delete your domain name

How do you request Domain Guard?

  • contact your registrar (party where you registered your domain name) and check whether he offers Domain Guard and what the cost price is
  • enter the request form at the bottom of this page
  • deliver this to your registrar, together with proof that you own the domain name
  • indicate one or more authorised persons we can contact if we receive a change request on the form
  • the registrar returns the form to us

We will check:

  • whether your name corresponds with the registration information for the domain name
  • whether you included all addendums
  • whether you signed the form
  • whether the specified phone numbers are correct
  • etc.

If your request is correct and complete, we will enable Domain Guard for your domain name. If not, we will contact your registrar.

You want to make a change: disable temporarily

If you want to change the domain name data (e.g. holder, etc.), your registrar must ask us to temporarily disable Domain Guard for that domain name.

  • We will contact one of the people you authorised to check this.
  • Once approved, we will send an email to you and your registrar to confirm the temporary cancellation of Domain Guard. 
  • Your registrar has 48 hours to make the change to your domain name.
  • After 48 hours or when your registrar has notified us he is ready making the changes, we will enable Domain Guard again.

Requests to temporarily disable Domain Guard can be made 4 times in one year

A transfer or a removal cannot be requested in this way. Domain Guard needs to be completely disabled for this.

Change the authorised person

Use the request form at the bottom of this page if you want to appoint a new authorised person and deliver it to your registrar.   

Cancel Domain Guard

Domain Guard can be cancelled at any time:

  • enter the cancellation form at the bottom of this page.
  • sign it
  • return it to your registrar, so that he can deliver it to us together with the other required documents

We check everything is in order and disable Domain Guard for the requested domain names and inform you and your registrar.

Do you want to enable Domain Guard again later for the same domain name? You need to request and pay it again. 

Other possibilities

If you want to protect your domain name but you find this procedure too complex, Domain Shield may be a better solution.

Do you only want to avoid receiving transfer requests but you don't want to move your domain name? Ask the registrar to block your domain name through a transfer lock. Nobody will be able to start a transfer to another registrar.

Other ways to secure your domain name