Register your domain name

Register your domain name in 4 steps

Step 1 - choose a domain name

A domain name must be unique. Check below whether the name you wish to use is still available.    

As you can see, besides .be, you can also register domain names ending in .vlaanderen and .brussels. Find out which one suits you best

Please note that domain names must meet a number of technical requirements.  

Step 2 - choose a registrar    

Have you chosen a domain name that is still available? Then search a registrar or hosting partner to register your domain name. Consult the list of  registrars  for .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names. 

Step 3 - register your domain name    

Provide your contact details to your registrar or hosting partner to register your domain name. Make sure all the details are entered correctly: your own name or the name of your organisation. A valid e-mail address is extremely important so that we can contact you concerning your domain name! 

By registering your domain name you accept our terms and conditions. The registrar will submit them to you. If he doesn't, you can consult them here for .be  and  here for  .vlaanderen and .brussels

Step 4 - DNS Belgium registers and activates your domain name automatically   

Your registrar provides us the details for your domain name. We register the domain name automatically for one year. The registrar receives a confirmation of the registration.   

Newly registered domain names are activated within 30 minutes. 

Domain name registered? 

That doesn’t mean that you have a website or an e-mail address yet. 

  • You want to link an e-mail address to your domain name? Contact your hosting partner of registrar. 

  • You want to use your domain name for a website? Read all about it