For registrars

No more account blocking with SEPA Direct Debit

11 December 2019

As of 15 January 2020, your account will no longer be blocked when your available balance goes below zero. The precondition is that you have activated the SEPA Direct Debit payments system. SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area.  It enables us to debit the amount of your invoice automatically at your bank. 

Activation is easy. It suffices to send an e-mail to our support department to initiate the process. Important: you remain in control of your own bank account. If you do not agree with a payment, you can always have your bank get it reimbursed. 

If you do not participate in the SEPA Direct Debit system, there is no change in the current rules. 

What are the advantages of the SEPA Direct Debit system for you as a registrar? 

  • The payment is made automatically and therefore on time 
  • The amount is always correct 
  • You save time because you no longer have to pay the invoices manually 
  • You can start or stop the direct debit at all times by contacting our support department 

How to start 

  • Check with your accounts department or bank whether they support SEPA direct debit; for more information on the matter, click here or ask your bank. 
  • Provide an e-mail address where we can send the direct debit form to our support service. 
  • We will provide you with a digital direct debit form via AdobeSign. Complete your data digitally and sign. 
  • Our support department activates the direct debit. 
  • As always, you will get an e-mail to download your invoice; we indicate in the email and on the invoice that the invoice is paid by direct debit. Make sure that you do not pay twice! 
  • Your account is debited via SEPA direct debit on the 15th of each month. 

When can SEPA Direct Debit not be used? 

  • For service invoices and credit notes 
  • If you have no account number in the SEPA Direct Debit zone. A list of SEPA countries is posted here