Domain Guard protects your .be domain name

Some domain names are so important or of such great value, that you want to have total control over them.You also want to be absolutely sure that no changes can take place without your explicit consent. DNS Belgium created Domain Guard so that you can give your domain name reliable protection. 

What does Domain Guard do? 

Domain Guard ensures that your registrar cannot change data linked to your domain name. So your domain name cannot be removed or transferred either. 

Each time a request is made to change something in your domain name or the data linked to it, DNS Belgium will contact an authorised person to request permission. 

100% secure 

A domain may disappear inadvertently in very exceptional cases. Unscrupulous individuals also attempt to hijack or transfer domain names or alter the registration details by hacking the registrar’s system, for instance. Domain Guard precludes such scenarios so you can rest 100% assured that your domain is secure. Domain Guard prevents: 

  • changes to your domain name data (e.g. nameservers, DNSSEC data, etc.) 
  • changes to your data as registrant  
  • the transfer of your domain name  
  • the removal of your domain name   

How to apply for Domain Guard 

You can apply for Domain Guard only via your registrar:

  • complete an application form
  • submit it to your registrar, together with the necessary supporting documents that show you are the actual owner of the domain name
  • designate one or more authorised persons in the form whom we can contact if a request to change the data of the domain name is received
  • the registrar will send us the form, and we will make sure the application is valid

At DNS, we check in particular whether: 

  • the registrant indicated in the form corresponds with the registration data for the domain name,
  • all supporting documents have been sent,  
  • the form has been signed, 
  • the given telephone numbers are correct, 
  • etc

If the request is correct and complete, we activate Domain Guard for the requested domain name.   

If the application is incorrect or incomplete, we will contact your registrar to solve the problems (e.g. any missing documents) so that Domain Guard can be activated after all. 

How much does it cost to activate Domain Guard? 

The registrar who provides this service is free to decide what price he wants to charge for it.

Can you deactivate Domain Guard temporarily? 

If you want to change a domain name that is protected by Domain Guard, and adapt the domain name data (e.g. registrant, nameserver, etc.), you can do so only if the registrar sends us a request to switch Domain Guard off temporarily for one or more domain names. 

DNS Belgium will then contact one of the authorised persons and ask them whether we may switch off Domain Guard temporarily for that domain name.  

Once approved, we will send an e-mail to the registrar and the registrant to confirm that Domain guard is temporarily switched off.

The registrar can then carry  every change to the domain name for 48 hours except a transfer or removal. The latter can be requested only if Domain Guard is switched off completely. 

After 48 hours, or after an explicit request from the registrar to say that the changes have been completed, Domain Guard will be reactivated. 

Four temporary deactivations may be requested within the period of one year.

How to change the authorised person 

If you wish to designate a new authorised person, you must submit a  change form to your registrar. 

How to cancel Domain Guard 

Domain Guard can be cancelled at all times at the request of the registrant. To do so you must:

  • complete the cancellation form 
  • sign the form 
  • submit the form to your registrar, so that the latter can in turn submit it to us together with the other required documents  

We check that everything is in order, cancel Domain Guard for the requested domain names and inform the registrar and the registrant. 

If you want to activate Domain Guard again for the same domain name, you must apply for it again and pay again for the activation.