When can a transfer code not be requested?

When a transfer is authorised, a transfer code can be requested for it. It is however also possible to block the transfer of a domain name.   

There are different situations in which you cannot request a transfer code for a domain name:

  • The domain name is on hold: this means that there are legal proceedings about that domain name.  
  • The domain name is locked by the current registrar at the request of the registrant , who thus wants to be spared from illicit requests to transfer his domain name.

Domain Guard

If you want to be absolutely sure that no changes can take place without your explicit consent, you can protect your domain adequately via Domain Guard. This will ensure that your registrar cannot adapt the data concerning your domain name. Your domain name can therefore not be transferred or removed.

Upon receiving a request to change something to your domain name or the related data, DNS Belgium will first contact an authorised agent to ask permission. You can apply for Domain Guard via your registrar. DNS Belgium will take it from there.