Are you the country's greatest cybersecurity expert?

13 February 2024

Are you a student and do cryptography, reverse engineering, network security, application security or forensic analysis get your juices flowing? Then you must take part in the Cyber Security Challenge.

This year is the ninth edition of the Cyber Security Challenge. The competition is based on the Capture The Flag (CTF) principle which involves teams of maximum four students solving different security challenges. These challenges range from relatively simple to complex and cover a wide range of security topics.

Cybersecurity can never receive enough attention, we think more awareness-raising campaigns are required.

Cybersecurity is a priority

Cybersecurity has become a strategic priority for organisations across the world, making the training of young talent in this subject matter crucial. DNS Belgium obviously believes that cybersecurity can never receive enough attention and that more awareness-raising campaigns are required. That's why we’re proud sponsors of the Cyber Security Challenge again this year and came up with some hard challenges for the participants. 'Our main aim is raising awareness about DNS and DNS security among students,' says our security officer Kristof Tuyteleers.

Although every year Kristof is pleasantly surprised by the participants' analytical reasoning, he's noticed that their knowledge of DNS is relatively limited. 'Many students find it hard to solve our puzzles, even though they're based on real cases of how DNS can be abused in a security context.'

Can I participate?

Are you a student at a recognised Belgian academic institution and at least 18? If so, you can participate in the qualification rounds. The competition is also open to students in IT-related disciplines, even if their training is not directly related to it.

Students can sign up for the qualification rounds now. Signed up teams must be available on 8 and 9 March 2024 when, over the course of two days, they'll be presented with all kinds of challenges on an online platform that they have to solve.

And on 22 and 23 March 2024, all qualified teams will be invited to solve new, more complex challenges. A prize ceremony for the best performing teams will be organised after the event.

More than a competition

Cyber Security Challenge is more than a fun competition. It's a great opportunity for students to gain some hands-on experience and to connect with companies in the sector. Sometimes the Cyber Security Challenge acts as a platform for internships or even jobs.

In fact, did you know that DNS Belgium offers internships and research assignments to motivated students every year?

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