Everything you want to know on domain names in 2021

24 March 2022

Did you know that 2021 was another good year for .be domain names, despite the coronavirus? The number of .be domain names continued to rise sharply, but less than in the first year of the pandemic. Better still: most people also renewed their domain name, which indicates that it is actually being used.

Did also know that … 

  • in 2021 we acted more than ever against fraudulent .be domain names? We revoked more than 6,000 suspect names; 
  • most Belgians (56.4%) (fortunately) choose a .be domain name? For the rest, .com (16.5%), .eu (7%) and .net (5.2%) are particularly popular extensions; 
  • the most active .be websites can be found in online sales, leisure and construction? The number of web shops rose by 2%; 
  • almost 70% of .be domain names are owned by Belgians? With 18%, 4% and 1.8% owned by Dutch, French and German nationals respectively. 
  • Herstappe is the municipality with the most .be domain names? 8 out of 10 inhabitants have a .be domain name. Kontich and Zutendaal follow with 2.4 and 2.2 domain names per 10 inhabitants respectively. In the southern part of the country, Sankt Vith scores best with almost 1.2 domain names per 10 inhabitants. 
  • more than 7 out of 10 .be domain names are owned by companies or organisations
  • the top 3 of our .be registrars manage a bigger chunk of domain names each year? In 2021, this was almost 32% - up by more than 3% compared with 2020.  

All the figures are provided in our annual report.  

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