For registrars

Domain Shield for valuable .be domain names

24 March 2020

Enable Domain Shield for valuable .be domain names

If you have customers with .be domain names that are worth a lot of money or where unwanted changes can do a lot of damage, Domain Shield offers a solution. Domain Shield ensures hackers are unable to fraudulently change any data of these domain names and/or to transfer or delete the domain names without the customer's knowledge. The data of the domain name holder cannot be changed either.

How does it work?

  • You conclude an addendum to your registrar contract with DNS Belgium. 
  • Our support team creates at least 1 and at most 5 users who are able to enable or disable Domain Shield through My Registrations.
  • If the domain name holder requests a domain name change, only one of these users is able to temporarily disable Domain Shield.
  • The update can subsequently be carried out through another account.

Advantages compared to Domain Guard

  • There is no administration.
  • The registrar has complete control over this process.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • The service is available 24/7.


  • Check out our documentation
  • Contact if you first want to test it on Try-out. Support will activate it for you.
  • Support provides an addendum to the current registrar agreement through AdobeSign. Please sign and return it. Take a look a this addendum on our website.
  • Upon receipt of the addendum, we create at least 1 and at most 5 users who are able to activate Domain Shield for a domain name. Read more about the user management in our documentation.
  • Information for your customers can be found on our website.

Please contact if you have questions on this topic.