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New: the .be registrar report

23 November 2021

As of today, every registrar will receive a personalised .be report from us. It gives you an insight into your operations as a .be registrar and you can see how you are performing compared to other .be registrars . The .be registrar report is available on My Registrations and is updated every quarter.

The .be registrar report summarised

  • As of today, your first .be registrar report is available.
  • The report will be updated quarterly. Would you like to be notified as soon as your new report is available? Navigate to My Registrations, go to 'reports' and please enter your email address.
  • Over time, we will reward registrars who improve themselves or score well in terms of service and security.
  • In the future, we will be adding more data to this report. We are thinking of additional information about market share, registration lifetime, etc.
  • Feedback on this .be-registrar report is always welcome:

Benchmark for .be registrars

The .be registrar report is a valuable source of information. After all we share data that only we can report, such as revokes, bounces, infections and support cases. We supplement this data with extra information and an analysis in the form of a score, for your performance and quality as a registrar. Registrars can use this report as a benchmark and for internal reporting. Curious? Take a look at our sample report, just below.

Why is there a .be registrar report?

  • At DNS Belgium we are committed to making the .be zone as secure as possible. That is only possible by working closely with our registrar network and by looking together at how well we score in terms of security and making improvements where necessary.
  • We want to make life as comfortable as possible for the end user (the .be registrant ): during the registration of a domain name and the services that follow. For that too, we need the help of our registrars.

What is the content of the .be registrar report?

We group the data in the .be registrar report under two topics: 'Quality of service' and 'Business Intelligence'.

The figures that can be found under 'Quality of service' are: 

1. Revokes: the number of domain names withdrawn from your portfolio, due to abuse (e.g. fake web shops) or incorrect WHOIS data. On this page you will find background information about our revoke and revoke+ procedure.

  • Your personal score
  • Number of revokes per month
  • Number of revokes by type

2. Bounces: the number of bounced registrant emails.

  • Your personal score
  • Number of bounces per month
  • Most frequent error messages, the reasons why a bounce was triggered

You can find this data under Business Intelligence:

1. Infections: insight into the type and number of times a particular infection occurs.

  • Number of infections per month

2. Outgoing vs incoming transfers

  • Monthly evolution of domain name transactions. This includes: 'creates', 'ingoing transfers', 'deletes' and 'outgoing transfers'.
  • Competition: top 5 parties you lost domain names to or won domain names from.

3. Support cases

  • Number of support cases per month
  • Heatmap
  • Topics : what are the support cases about?

Besides this visual .be-registrar report, we also offer raw data on which you can perform your own analyses. How to calculate the figures correctly and more background information about the .be registrar report can be found on the documentation page.


Certain metrics in the report were given a score: 3 stars indicate a maximum score, 0 stars show an underperformance. In the future, we will be awarding a reward to well-performing registrars. So it is in your best interest to check your score and initiate improvements where necessary. If you would like some help with that, contact us at