For registrars

New feature: reseller information for domain names

11 April 2022

Starting April 26th, we will offer the possibility to add the reseller that registered a domain name with you to the information about said domain name. When you link a reseller to a domain name, it will show in the WHOIS details of that domain name. 

For your registrants, this has multiple benefits: 

  • DNS Belgium publishes the reseller in the WHOIS details, which makes it easier to know who to contact (bounce mail, abuse, quarantine, etc.). 

  • DNS Belgium can provide better support towards registrants, because we can send them to the reseller instead of the registrar, who they are not familiar with. 

Please note that managing resellers will only be available through EPP. Check our documentation for the technical details. 

This update will be implemented simultaneously on the try-out and live environments. We encourage you to go test it on try-out, see how it works, and afterwards you can start using it right away!  

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to