For registrars

Online verification for all suspicious .be registrations

05 May 2022

As of Monday 9 May, all registrants of potentially suspicious .be registrations can verify their identiy online. The manual procedure, where domain name holders send their identification documents by e-mail, will only serve as a back-up for the online verification.

This will speed up the process considerably. The verification is, however, necessary to activate the domain names. This applies to potentially suspicious registrations of both private individuals and companies and organisations.

Below you will find an instruction video on how to verify as a private individual. In the case of registrations for companies, a contact person from the company will handle the verification.  

Work in progress Please note that we are constantly updating our parameters to intercept potentially suspicious domain names. We also do everything possible to make the process that compares domain name data with identity data as smooth as possible.

Currently, we verify approximately 7% of all newly registered .be domain names.

Do you have any questions about this? Send an e-mail to