Our first sustainability report

28 September 2018

Today we are proud to present our first sustainability report. We have always tried to act as responsible corporate citizens on the basis of our values, mission and vision. Up to 2016, however, there was no strategic approach behind our various initiatives.

We found that we could do more. We therefore developed a sustainability strategy and implemented it in our organisation in 2017. We defined different goals and determined the KPIs and actions needed to achieve them.

One of the goals of our sustainability policy is to become climate neutral. You can read in this sustainability report whether we have succeeded. Another of our goals is transparent communication. We are therefore proud to be able to present this report to you. 

* This document is not fully accessible to everyone. If you would like more information about this document, send an e-mail to Read more about our accessibility statement.

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.