For registrars

Your logo in a domain name search?

28 January 2020

As of 2 March 2020 we will show your logo and provide a short description of your company when an end user searches for a domain name. In this way, potential domain name holders will see your logo faster and make their choice easier. 

We suggest first 6 logos in random order. The end user can choose from these or click further to see more registrars . He can then click through to the full list of registrars.

Keen to participate?

Then send an e-mail to by 25 February with:

  • your logo in png or jpeg;
  • the form below with a short description of your company [link to form]; and
  • a URL (per language) in which we can paste the domain name and the extension so that the end user can register his domain name with you immediately.

You will find the specific conditions that your description and URL have to meet on our documentation page. We approve this information and will display your details on our test environment. We will update this page every week. From 2 March you can also see this information on the live environment.

If you do not provide us with these data, we will show your company in the registrar list only as it already exists. Do you want to join later? Give us the necessary details and we will add you.