Start own business? Register your domain name!

20 March 2019

Starting your own business? Register your domain name! 

As a starting entrepreneur, you simply cannot do without a website.  A website has become the most important channel for presenting your business to the world. It is your digital business card and the way to attract customers. Starting entrepreneurs in our country seem to be well aware of this fact. Starting a business or a new shop is for them inextricably linked with registering a domain name and having a website. 

Own domain name is a priority 

A research study conducted by Insites Consulting on behalf of DNS Belgium at the end of 2018 shows that a domain name is at the top of the starting entrepreneur’s to-do list. No fewer than 42% of Belgian entrepreneurs whom we interviewed, registered a domain name as soon as they had an idea for a new company.  They immediately had the reflex:  then we also need a website or at least a domain name. 

That is new, because last year only 23% of the starting entrepreneurs interviewed had that reflex. At the time, they still waited to register a domain name until they had put their idea into practice. Now, however, a domain name seems to have become a top priority. 

Indeed, you need not wait until you actually start your business to register a domain name. Because it is not because you have registered a domain name that you immediately have to work on a website. That can be done later. You already have quite a lot of things to do when you start your own business. But once you have registered your domain name, no one can take it away from you. 

.be is the most popular extension, together with .com. They are also the extensions that inspire most confidence among entrepreneurs. They also think it is important that .be says something about the location of your business.  77% of the respondents who have already registered a domain name opted for a .be extension. This figure is up by 8% compared with the end of 2017. 

We are clearly well aware of the importance of a domain name and related extension.  No one needs to remind us of that, because no fewer than 65% of the .be registrants had the idea to register their domain name immediately.  More than ever before, a good idea is intimately connected with the registration of a domain name. 

Starting entrepreneurs who still need some inspiration in finding a good name for their business or website can go to (only available in Dutch and French).

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