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Zonefile delay for .vlaanderen, .brussels and .be

20 February 2020

** Important: Due to stricter regulations from the BIPT (the Belgian telecommunications regulator) in response to Covid-19, we have decided to postpone the release of the changes we were planning to make to the .be zone file generation process.


We are adding pre-publication checks to our zonefile generation process to prevent inaccurate data in the zonefile and thus increase zone stability.

Because of this change, all changes to .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names – new registrations, transfers, updates – will be visible after 1 minute. All changes to .be domain names will be visible after up to 30 minutes if no issues pop up at the checks.

Timings of the releases:

  • .vlaanderen: 3 March 12 CET-18 CET
  • .brussels: 10 March 12 CET-18 CET
  • .be: Postponed due to the impact of Covid-19. New date will follow.

During these maintenance windows of up to 6 hours, no dynamic updates or zonefile generations are possible for all extensions. The updates are frozen until after maintenance.

Additional advantage:

ZSK roll-overs will no longer be noticeable.

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