For registrars

Upload of identification documents possible for Registrant Verification

16 March 2023

From Monday 20 March 2023, domain name holders of selected .be registrations will be able to upload their identification documents online on our secure and encrypted portal. So it is no longer necessary to deliver documents to us via e-mail.

As you may recall, most domain name holders can verify their details online via one of the external identification systems (Itsme, eID, iDIN, Onfido). That remains the fastest and most efficient way to verify your domain name details. If these options fail, we request documents to prove the identity of the domain name holder.

Verification remains necessary to activate selected domain names. This applies to registrations of individuals as well as companies and organisations.  


We currently verify around 23% of all newly registered .be domain names. The aim is to verify the identity of as many domain name holders as possible so that the .be zone becomes as correct and secure as possible.