DNS Belgium is a non-profit organisation that was created in 1999 by ISPA Belgium, Agoria and BELTUG. Our mission is to register .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names, improve the accessibility of the internet, encourage its use, and do so in a more sustainable manner. Get acquainted with our values, the importance we attach to cybersecurity and our aim to pursue sustainability on our company profile page.

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Guidelines on logo usage:

  • Space around the logo: our logos like plenty of breathing space and feel at home most on a white or neutral background. 
  • When the logo has to appear on a coloured background (preferably in a colour out of the logo itself), always use the reverse version of the logo.
  • Minimum dimensions: for dns belgium: 18 mm / 86 px.
  • Avoid using our logos on brightly coloured or busy backgrounds. 
  • Do not rotate our logo. 
  • Add nothing, including shadows or outlines.  


Contact for journalists:

Lut Goedhuys  +32 477 67 66 97