Members of the different management bodies

Founding members

The founding members of DNS Belgium are: 

  • Agoria: Agoria is a multisector federation and represents companies in the technology industry. 
  • Beltug: Belgium's Communications Technology & Services User Group brings together professional users of communication technology and services, informs them, and defends their interests.
  • ISPA: ISPA Belgium is the Belgian association of Internet Service Providers. It currently represents the majority of ISPs in Belgium. 

Effective members

  • Prof. EM. Pierre Verbaeten: the former manager of the .be domain when the not-for-profit organisation DNS Belgium was not yet created.
  • FeWeb: FeWeb is the federation of web companies
  • Comeos: Comeos represents the Belgian trade and services.
  • Bereas: The Belgian Registrars Association represents the .be registrars
  • BeCommerce: the Belgian association of companies active in e-commerce
  • Belgian Association of Marketing: the professional association of the digital and interactive communication market


The advisory member of DNS Belgium is BIPT. The Belgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunication Services (BIPT) is the regulatory entity of the Belgian post and telecommunication sector, and was created by the Act of 21 March 1991. 

Members of the Board of Directors and Policy Council

  • Piet Spiessens (BoD chairman/PC)

  • Baudouin Corlùy (BoD/PC)

  • Jan Torreele (PC)

  • Peter Ryckaert (BoD & PC) 

  • Tomas Cautereels (PC)

  • Pierre Verbaeten (PC)

  • Anton Delbarre (PC) 

  • Bart Mortelmans (PC)

  • Jan Decorte (PC) 

  • Jan Vannieuwenhuyse (PC) 

  • Sofie Geeroms (PC)