Good governance

Reliability, sustainability and people are three important values that shape every DNS Belgium initiative. Well-defined practices of good governance ('corporate governance') help to ensure that all DNS Belgium employees always take decisions in the interests of the association's sustainable long-term objectives.

Our Corporate Governance Charter contains the ten basic principles underlying our approach to good governance. We also translate these principles into a concrete Corporate Governance Action Plan.

  • Principle 1.   Our governance structure is clear and we communicate it transparently
  • Principle 2.   DNS Belgium pays attention to its social role and responsibility
  • Principle 3.   At DNS Belgium, all bodies remain within their respective remits and interact constructively
  • Principle 4.   DNS has an effective and balanced governing body
  • Principle 5.   DNS Belgium has a transparent procedure for the appointment of directors
  • Principle 6.   All directors and employees demonstrate an independent spirit and always act in the interests of DNS Belgium
  • Principle 7.   DNS Belgium compensates its directors and employees fairly, responsibly and - wherever possible - transparently
  • Principle 8.   DNS Belgium has a rigorous procedure for assessing its corporate governance efforts and reports on this transparently
  • Principle 9.   DNS Belgium employees act with respect, integrity and ethics
  • Principle 10. DNS Belgium takes reports of possible breaches seriously and follows them up

DNS Belgium reports transparently based on these principles.

Corporate Governance Documents (in Dutch)