Our CSR strategy

Vision, strategy and objectives

In a digitised society where everyone is aware of the options of and has access to the benefits of domain names, DNS Belgium wants to be a centre of excellence in a sustainable way for everything to do with domain names.  

As a neutral manager of and leader in Belgian domain names, DNS Belgium is a preferred partner for the many stakeholders who have an interest in a state-of-the-art secure internet for a digitally aware society. To achieve this, DNS Belgium will continue to attract and retain top talent.

Our CSR policy is based on four pillars:  

  1. inspiring workplace  
  2. leader in security  
  3. digital awareness  
  4. sustainability chain management   

We have defined the strategic objectives to be achieved for each of these pillars by 2020:  

Inspiring workplace

  • a workplace where the right people can perform the right work in a sound manner
  • a place where employees can bring their talents fully to bear and are given room to do good things
  • an employer whom people choose consciously.
  • an employer of choice, who finds new people for the right jobs faster and easier and who can retain good employees

Leader in security 

  • The aim is to be recognised as an innovator in the world of domain names with zero incidents that have consequences for the uptime of our infrastructure and a reduction in the number of cases of inappropriate use. 
  • An action plan must also be devised to become an expert in the Belgian security landscape so that we can give relevant input points to security institutions and the press.  

Digital awareness

The aim is:

  • to enhance awareness about the use and misuse of the internet among certain target groups.
  • to make children internet wise with tailor-made programmes, familiarise parents, computer illiterates and SMEs with the internet.
  • to devise an action plan to reach target groups directly and indirectly.   

Sustainable chain management  

  • we must set an example in our sphere of influence by encouraging our partners (suppliers and sales channel) to develop their business in a sustainable manner
  • we must also devise an action plan for social and green initiatives together with our partners

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