Transfer your .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name

As a registrant , you are the sole owner of your domain name. This means that you can decide at any time to transfer your domain name to another registrar, for instance in order to save money or because another registrar offers more services.  

Consult a list of all registrars for .vlaanderen and .brussels.

Step 1: Request a transfer code  

The first thing you need to do is request a transfer code. You do that from your current registrar.  

Stap 2: Provide the new transfer code to your registrar  

You give your new registrar the transfer code you received from your old registrar. Only the new registrar can file an application to transfer a domain name.   

Stap 3: Your domain name is transferred  

Your new  registrar files the application for a transfer (with the transfer code) with DNS Belgium.  

There are three possibilities:   

  1. Your old registrar approves the application within 5 calendar days. Your domain name is transferred to the new registrar.  
  2. Your old registrar does nothing within 5 calendar days. Your application is approved automatically and your domain name is transferred to the new registrar.  
  3. Your old registrar rejects the application.  

A .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name cannot be moved within the first 60 calendar days: 

  • of the first registration
  • after a transfer to another registrant
  • after a move to another registrar