A year of effort and recognition

Financial report 2019

2019 figures are in line with previous years. The number of registrations and renewals came close to our expectations and we still recorded slight growth for both. This is obviously a very positive situation for DNS Belgium as a registry in a mature market.

Sustainable chain management

2019 was a very successful year for DNS Belgium in the field of sustainable chain management and corporate social responsibility. In the beginning of 2019, the Environmental Information Point for SMEs (MiK) named DNS Belgium the climate ambassador for Vlaams-Brabant. We thank this title to our ambitious climate programme and the fact that we became climate neutral two years earlier than expected. Thanks to DNS Belgium's efforts in the field of climate, cybersecurity, international cooperation, transfer of knowledge and education, Voka, the Flemish network of enterprises, awarded us a Sustainable Business Charter.

The fact that the European advocacy organisation for ccTLDs put us in the spotlight for our security and knowledge-sharing initiatives with registries from the other countries, was particularly gratifying.

Digital awareness

DNS Belgium kept winning awards in 2019. Feweb gave our new website the ‘best website of the year' award. And the fact that our website also received the AnySurfer-label fits completely with our objective to make the internet accessible to everyone of course.

Together with our partner Close the Gap we also launched a new non-profit organisation, i.e. DigitalForYouth.be in 2019. The goal of this non-profit organisation is to teach young people between the ages of 6 and 24 digital skills. This can range from using digital media to programming software. DigitalForYouth.be does this by making refurbished second-hand laptops freely available to organisations that teach young people digital skills.

To further stimulate digital awareness among young people, we contributed to the Ava & Trix teaching package. Its mission is to make children – particularly girls – between the ages of 8 and 11 enthusiastic about science. The teaching package stimulates high-quality education, gender equality and innovation which is why it is offered to schools and individual players for free.  DNS Belgium worked with Ava & Trix on an episode about the internet.

The fact that these efforts are bearing fruit was apparent from the market survey we conducted. In young people, entrepreneurs and domain name holders particularly, the trust in, and the knowledge about, the internet is considerable. The most reliable and popular domain name extension for them is still .be.

Leader in security

As always, special attention was paid to internet security in 2019. We took various actions in the field of fraud prevention. This allowed us to proactively remove more than 5,700 domain names from the .be-zone. We aim to offer surfers the most fraud-free internet possible and  actively cooperate with the relevant public authorities to achieve this.

Inspiring workplace

DNS Belgium also wants to be an inspiring workplace for its employees. This is why health and safety at work was still an important theme in 2019 too. In 2018, we started with a fit@work programme and we continued that in 2019. Every employee was able to participate without obligation and map his or her progress throughout the year.

We also organised three inspiration sessions featuring energy@work. The first session focused on burn-out, chronic fatigue and stress. Participants learned to recognise the signs and how to deal with them. In the autumn an inspiration session was held about food to give employees an interactive introduction to food that gives strength and energy. The last inspiration session of 2019 was all about sleep. The fascinating explanation about sleep patterns and factors that influence sleep, rest and energy was supplemented by useful tips and tricks to help people sleep better.

In the autumn we introduced the principle of Sociocracy 3.0 in our organisation. This provides practical handles to everyone who wants to cooperate more consciously and effectively in an organisation. In 2020, we organised a tailor-made two-day course on that theme.

Of course we were only able to achieve all the aforementioned efforts thanks to a great team. At the end of 2019, DNS Belgium employed 35 people. Over the course of 2019 we expanded our Engineering team, so that it can work more on Research & Development. After an extensive search we also strengthened our Customer Support team. In terms of figures we had 32 FTEs, broken down into 7.6 women and 24.4 men, on 31 December 2019.

All the foregoing fits in a stable, mature environment which from a financial point of view is very predictable and healthy and will remain so in the future too. DNS Belgium takes many initiatives, but does that with limited financial means. This is why we attach great importance to using these means extremely efficiently.

Annual accounts 

Profit-and-loss account in euro

  2019 2018 2017 2016
Income from registration fees 7.032.392 6.952.837 6.864.036 6.013.185
New names 939.371 970.672 1.031.574 933.612
Renewals 5.667.617 5.531.609 5.383.036 4.692.950
Transfers 292.908 301.422 316.341 268.670
Reactivations 101.014 114.672 99.182 94.247
Services 14.079 17.122 17.366 6.160
Transfers uit quarantine 17.403 17.340 16.537 17.546
Application validation/Auction (new gTLDs) - - - -
Financial income 839 7.972 8.358 6.400
Produced fixed assets - - 541.224 750.144
Exceptional income 2.140 - 2.913 124
Total income 7.035.371 6.960.809 7.416.531 6.769.853
Personnel costs 3.815.099 3.614.717 3.317.571 2.806.533
External consultancy 243.776 235.113 590.433 844.642
Costs of technical operations 755.227 679.902 925.546 1.060.552
General overheads 963.576 1.007.957 1.207.431 971.903
Depreciation 776.883 778.139 522.075 402.581
Financial costs 20.371 19.939 15.372 21.559
Sustainability 152.428 46.659 92.497 36.225
Total expenditure 6.727.360 6.409.426 6.670.925 6.143.995
RESULT 308.011 551.383 745.606 625.858



2019 2018 2017 2016
Fixed assets
Restructuring charges 525 15.717 30.910 46.102
Intangible, tangible and financial assets 1.540.787 2.221.192 2.882.806 2.783.924
Current assets
Receivables due within one year - Trade debtors 809.828,94 867.836 833.895 968.044
Receivables due within one year  - Other amounts receivable 21.584 20.405 21.642 48.938
Cash at bank and in hand 5.897.010 5.069.236 3.674.035 2.801.407
Deferred charges and accrued income 280.195 179.382 225.574 260.427
Total assets 8.549.929 8.373.768 7.668.862 6.908.842



2019 2018 2017 2016
Capital and reserves
Surplus carried forward 2.090.918 1.539.535 793.930 168.072
Result financial year 308.011 551.383 745.606 625.858
Suppliers 813.946 874.805 751.117 954.101
Taxes, remuneration and social security costs 722.210 814.250 805.581 599.469
Advance payment registrars 1.349.572 1.367.225 1.371.357 1.405.649
Accrued charges and deferred income 3.265.272 3.226.570 3.201.271 3.155.693
Total liabilities  8.549.929 8.373.768 7.668.862 6.908.842