Annual report 2023

We are proud that DNS Belgium became an SDG ambassador in 2023, the first in Belgium. This is the icing on the cake of our long-standing efforts to work sustainably. We will carry this further into the IT world.

Philip Du Bois

Evolution in the number of domain names

Number of new .be registrations per year

How many new registrations of .be domain names did we see in 2023 compared to previous years?

Total number of .be domain names

How many .be domain names do we count at the end of 2023 compared to previous years?

Total number of domain names end 2023

Renewals of domain names 2023

Number of revoked .be domain names

We revoke domain names that do not comply with our terms and conditions because they are used for fraud, for example, or because the holder's details are incorrect.

The domain name extension market in Belgium

Which extensions do Belgians choose for their domain name?

Use of .be domain names

What are .be domain names used for?

Website content

We break down the websites linked to the .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names according to the classification of the Registry-Registrar Data Group of CENTR. The main categories are: Industry, Personal and Low content. Websites, blogs, etc. fall under Personal. Low content comprises all websites with minimal content: pay per click, error messages, holding pages. Industry contains all business domain names which we divide further into different subcategories.

.be websites

.be domain names, the most important sectors in relation to the total number of .be websites:

.brussels and .vlaanderen are used above all by the respective governmental authorities. For .vlaanderen, the Flemish government opted to have their .vlaanderen domain names redirected to an existing .be website.

.brussels websites

.vlaanderen websites


Holders of .be domain names per country of origin

Distribution of .be domain names per postal code and per 100 inhabitants

Locations of .be domain name holders worldwide

Number of .be domain names per holder

Distribution private individuals/companies .be


For .be, we work with 352 registrars. The 10 largest registrars hold 34.17% of .be domain names, an increase of 1.5%.