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Domain name status

The status of a domain name is the condition in which a domain is in at a given moment. We distinguish the following statuses for domain names:  

  • Available  

  • Not valid  

  • Not available  

  • Registered  

  • On hold 

  • Out of service 

  • Quarantine 

  • Reserved (for .brussels and .vlaanderen) 


When a domain name is available, it has not been registered and you can register it. Read here how you can register a domain name quickly and easily

Not valid  

When a domain name does not comply with the registration rules, it is given the status “not valid.” Take a look at the conditions that a valid domain name has to meet

Not available  

A domain name that is not available cannot be registered anymore. You can request more information about the domain name in order to see its exact status and check who the registrant is.  

A domain name that is no longer available can have one of four statuses:   


The domain name is in use. You can view the registrant’s details, unless it is a private person. In the latter case, only the registrar who manages the domain name will be visible. You can contact he holder using our contact form.

On hold

When a domain name is put 'on hold', it is frozen, as it were, until a final decision is taken on the dispute involving the domain name. You cannot cancel the registration nor transfer the domain name to another registrar or registrant. The website and e-mail address linked to the domain name remain active.  

DNS Belgium will put a domain name ‘on hold’ if:  

If the domain name dispute is referred to the competent court, you, as the registrant, must inform DNS Belgium immediately, so that we can put the domain name ‘on hold.’   

Out of service 

Domain names whose registrar is no longer active for the extension concerned (e.g. bankruptcy or termination of the contract) and whose term has expired are given the status ‘out of service.’  

Once a domain name has been out of service for two months, it is scrapped from the domain zone. The domain name is released again after three subsequent months and can be registered again.   


Domain names that are deactivated by the registrant (via its registrar) or by the registrar itself (e.g. if you did not pay the invoice for the renewal on time) are not released immediately. They are first put in quarantine for 40 days.  

Such domain names are out of operation, but they cannot be registered immediately by someone else.