Everyone aware and safe online

Digital awareness

At DNS Belgium we not only make great efforts to keep the internet in Belgium safe, but we also want to make everyone aware of their safety online and the possible risks of a digital society

That is why we frequently communicate about cybersecurity and online safety on our website. In online campaigns, we often target specific (vulnerable) audiences: the elderly and young people. But we report equally and very regularly on various forms of online fraud and cybercrime.

A website accessible for everyone 

We believe that if we want to make everyone aware and safe on the internet, we must also make the internet more accessible for, among others, people with disabilities.  It makes sense that we want to set a good example with our own website by earning the AnySurfer label.  

Digital inclusion 

In a society that is rapidly digitising, it is crucial that people have sufficient digital skills. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Over one in four Belgians do not have sufficient digital skills or the means to keep up in our current society. They are at risk of digital exclusion. After all, just imagine looking for a job without an internet connection or, as a student, doing your homework if you have to share your laptop with your whole family.  

To combat digital exclusion and give every Belgian a chance in our society, DNS Belgium signed the Digital Inclusion Charter and we fully support its objectives. 

It is also why, together with Close The Gap, we founded Digital for Youth in 2019. With that non-profit organisation, we collect written-off laptops from companies. We refurbish them to like-new condition and then distribute them to youth organisations that have applied to the King Baudouin Foundation. We helped thousands of young people in need through Digital for Youth, especially during the lockdown.

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