A carefree surfing experience to .be websites is extremely important to DNS Belgium. The problem though is that some domain names are registered with bad intentions. To get hold of your data or even steal money from you, fake webshops are launched or copied websites are used to deceive you. As many domain names as possible that have been registered for fraudulent purposes are tracked down. Based on objective criteria, we want to remove them from the zone proactively an reactively.

Fake webshops

These webshops are launched to deceive you. You buy something and pay for it but don't receive anything. But what is worse is that you've shared your credit card data. In other words it is crucial to stop them as soon as possible.

  • FPS Economy collaboration: when the FPS Economy receives a complaint and reports a serious infringement to us, we immediately make the .be domain name in question inaccessible. The registrant can still prove he has no bad intentions.
  • Based on these fraudulent (e-)commerce sites, we developed our own algorithm to detect similar sites.

Inspection of registrant data after activation

Cyber criminals often register a domain name with false or incomplete data. This is why it is also important to intervene as soon as possible after the registration of a domain name.

  • Screening: after registration we check the registrant's data. If they are not correct or complete, we contact the registrant to change the data. If the registrant hasn't changed the data within 14 days, the domain name is withdrawn.
  • If this domain name is also on a list with fraudulent domain names, we take action sooner because if we don't want the fraudulent website cause a lot of damage. The domain name no longer refers to the website. The holder also gets 14 days to respond.
  • Have you noticed that the contact details or e-mail address of a domain name are not correct? Lodge a complaint on the result page of your domain names search or via the contact form.

Inspection of registrant data before activation

As soon as a domain name is active, the website linked to it can cause damage immediately: fake webshops collect credit card data, phishing websites send false messages to deceive you and direct you to a fake site. That's why we introduced Registrant Verification, to intervene proactively, i.e. before the domain name is active.

How does it work?

  • an automated system checks the registrant data of a domain name during registration. When a number of parameters determine that something is wrong with the data, the domain name is not yet activated.
  • The registrant and registrar receive a mail from DNS Belgium requesting to confirm the registrant's identity.
  • The registrant can verify his details online or provide us with proof of identity.
  • Read all about Registrant Verification here.