News still 5,000 extra laptops needed

17 July 2020

Over the past months, sought and found 14,946 laptops. The organisation was able to refurbish 12,351 laptops and distribute them to vulnerable youngsters who needed them for their schoolwork. Find out here how the organisation was able to help youngsters such as Addo, Arne and Valentina. 

Unfortunately, the need for laptops remains very high. This is why has relaunched its campaign. This time they aim to collect and refurbish 5000 laptops before the start of the new school year. 

They have launched their call chiefly to companies who still have a stock of written off laptops. They are not only looking for laptops, financial contributions to the King Baudouin foundation project account are also more than welcome. 

Companies are able to help in 2 ways: 

  • By donating laptops
    • Please register via
    • From 20 working laptops we will pick them up.
    • Minimum specifications: core i3, 4GB RAM.
    • These laptops are professionally and securely prepared for reuse (data removal, possible repairs and upgrade, installation Microsoft OS and cleaning).
  • By making a financial donation:
    • Donations can be transferred to account BE10 0000 0000 0404 of the King Baudouin foundation with specification « L83229: Digital4Youth » or preferably with the structured code ***128/3229/00092***
    • Donations from EUR 40 are tax deductible.

Agreements have been reached with education umbrella organisations on both sides of the Belgian language border for the redistribution of the laptops. They are responsible for selecting the schools and the youngsters. For more information please go to the

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