8 domain names with a story


Market research we conducted in 2017 showed that 75% of entrepreneurial Belgians opt for a .be domain name when they decide to put their own business on the Internet. A great deal of self-employed individuals and start-ups opt also for a .be domain name when they set up their own business. 

But there can be no domain name without a good name. We have consequently collected 8 stories by starting entrepreneurs on their quest for a good name and domain name for their business idea. We have posted their stories on our claimjeidee.be [claim your idea] platform, where you can read all about the ideas behind Boogo.be, Findout.be, Wizer.be and other start-ups. 

Inspired by their stories?  Are you getting the itch but do not have an idea for your business yet? Register for the newsletter of Claimjeidee.be or download your Name booklet. The latter is teeming with nice exercises to find an original name or domain name for your own business. 


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