'Accessibility Awareness Day' every day

20 May 2021

The digital train is travelling fast. To make sure nobody misses the train, an annual 'Global Accessibility Awareness Day' was created. This year it falls on 21 May and the aim of this day is to make everyone aware that digital inclusion in our society is not available to everyone unfortunately. Many people do not have access to digital resources. And because DNS Belgium aims to make the internet accessible to all, we are trying to make every day Accessibility Awareness Day.

An accessible website

Determining objectives is one thing. Pursuing these objectives with concrete actions is, of course, something else. It is a gradual process. For example, a few years ago we started making our website more accessible to people with disabilities. Our website was awarded the AnySufer label for these efforts, which we are very proud of.

The label was renewed earlier this year. We went to work on a list of working points supplied by AnySurfer. We took a closer look at our website with a critical mindset: what could be better? How do we make sure that everyone – including people with a disability – can easily consult our website? Are we overlooking something?

DNS Belgium was awarded the AnySurfer-label thanks to this.

E-inclusion goes beyond merely building an accessible website.

Perfectly clear

Clear language speaks the truth. In this aspect we're also making continuous efforts. E-inclusion goes beyond merely building an accessible website. How you communicate with your target group is also essential.

Everyone at DNS Belgium with an interest in communication and language was able to follow a Wablieft training. This training helps us to express our often complex and technical subject matter in a clear way, in language understandable to everyone. This spring, we will once again follow a refresher course and a course on gender-neutral writing. Because inclusion means using accessible language and formulating your message in such a way that you do not exclude, target or stereotype anyone.

Since the first training, we also set up an internal work group with people from different teams, who make sure our automated mails and standard texts are written in clear language.

Will you join us?

We are convinced that our initiatives to use clear language and to make our website accessible to all contribute to digital inclusion. We therefore kindly invite you to think critically about your website, your organisation and your communication and to fully commit to an inc

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.