For registrars

Change in communication channels - action required

09 April 2024

On 9 April 2024, we launch our new status page where we will report technical incidents and all planned maintenance to the website and our various platforms. You will find this page on or on when our website is unaccessible.

Moreover, from 9 May, the status page will be the only channel where we display such information. This has some important implications for you:  

  • We will no longer post this information on X (former Twitter). We will no longer use X for any communication. Our account will continue to exist only passively.
  • We will no longer use the maintenance calendar.
  • You will no longer automatically receive our maintenance messages on your technical e-mail address from My Registrations.  

Would you like to be notified by e-mail of every update to our status page?  

Then go to and click on the 'subscribe to updates' button. Enter your e-mail address, or an alias that you use to reach all the people concerned. 

We will of course continue to mail to the e-mail addresses you entered in My Registrations. These e-mails concern a new tool, technical updates with impact on your systems, and of course contractual and administrative information. Our website shows which e-mail address we use for which communication.

What can you find on the status page?

  • The horizontal bar at the top shows you immediately whether there is anything to report at the moment: is the bar green? Then everything is fine. If the bar is red, it briefly describes what is going on.  

  • On the calendar, we announce with red bars the days on which maintenance is planned for the website or for one of the platforms.  

  • At the bottom of the page, we describe past incidents.  

More information on the status page can be found on our documentation site. If you have a question about this, please mail us at